About US

CNSERVERS is part of GDI's Internet infrastructure service provider, which covers cloud computing, basic data center services, IP transit and DDOS mitigation service. Since its introduction to the market in 2011, CNSERVERS has been widely praised by customers, leading the market with over 50% growth rate per year. CNSERVERS's business portfolio includes seven major data centers covering North America and Asian Pacific, with planned expansion to Europe in 2020.

Currently, CNSERVERS has two main R&D centers in North America and one in Asian Pacific.

Our Advantages

1. Highest internet capacity to China - with 2.5Tbps China Telecom/China Mobile/China Unicom Direct connection in North America.

2. Total backbone network capacity exceeds 5Tbps, operating 7 global POPs.

3. Multi near-source scrubbing centers, total scrubbing capacity exceeds 2500Gbps.

4. Hong Kong POP currently has more than 500Gbps Internet capacity for local access, and private transport circuits to the United States.

5. Widely recognized by the market for DDOS mitigation capabilities.

6. US and Hong Kong local operation teams.